Gaia Goodall

Gaia Goodall (1 January 1995) is an American author and the site runner of She is an expert researcher in natural supplementation, with a specialty in omega-3s.

Goodhall is a devout vegan, and has been following a plant-based diet from as early as 2010. This is one of the factors that led her to research in omega-3 supplementation.

When following a plant-based diet it can be difficult to get omega-3s into your system, especially when the main resources that provide them are typically fish oil supplements.

To combat this, Gaia went out to find the best foods, supplements and more to see what could help improve her omega-3 intake and make sure that she was still getting a healthy amount.

This led her to become something of an expert in omega-3s and finding the best resources that can still deliver EPA, DHA and ALA even when on a plant-based diet.

Writing for

After finding the best options for her to get a good source of omega-3 on a plant-based diet – she looked back and realized and how hard it was for her to gather this information.

Gaia realized there must be more people like her in this position and decided to start Not just for those who are on a plant-based diet, but also for those who want to learn as much as possible about the best choices for the fatty acids to avoid disappointment.

This could be for finding the best foods for omega-3s, the best supplements and generally what you should be looking for when researching into omega-3. What benefits to expect and how it can benefit for you health.

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